Tasky Ticket Channels

With Tasky each ticket gets a dedicated Slack channel.

Ticket channels allow your team to discuss and collaborate on tickets freely. Tasky commands executed in a ticket channel automatically target the channel's associated ticket making it fast and easy to keep Autotask updated.


Easily create and update Autotask Tickets from Slack

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Create Ticket

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Add Service Call

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Add Time Entry

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Attach Images & Documents


Keep up to date with interactive messages

Tasky displays interactive messages that keep you informed of the ticket state and allow you to quickly update Autotask without leaving Slack.


Tasky is the most productive way to use Autotask from Slack


Create Tickets

Create tickets from anywhere using Slack's slash commands and shortcuts


Add Time Entries

Add time entries to tickets from ticket related channels using slash commands and via Slack shortcuts on interactive messages


Add Service Calls

Add service calls to tickets from ticket related channels using slash commandsand via Slack shortcuts on interactive messages


Add Notes

Add notes to tickets from ticket related channels using slash commands


Attach Images & Documents

Attach images and documents to tickets from ticket related channels by simply sharing files


Attach History Transcripts

Easily attach transcripts of the entire chat history or just segments from ticket related channels using slash commands


Change Status, Priority, Contract & Assignees

Interactive messages allow you to easily change status, priority, contracts & even add or remove assignees via message actions


Live Links to Open Slack

Use standard Live-Links to open ticket related channels in Slack from the Autotask PSA


Portals (Coming Soon)

Portals allow Slacks users who are not Autotask resources to create tickets using a simplified interface and can be used for in-house non IT users or for external client users in Slack "shared" channels


Pricing available for teams of all types & sizes


What our client say about us

  • Redefined how we communicate about our Autotask tickets

    Tasky has made our communication about Autotask tickets natural and allows us to do it where we spend a lot of our day already. Additionally, it has made keeping our tickets documented and up-to-date much more efficient as we never have to leave Slack.

    Eric Marcus

    CEO of Marcus Networking Inc.